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    Rasmus Stride is born in Denmark and now living in Oslo. He is a digital artist with a practice that spans over performance, installation and online. Along with being a Kaospilot, he holds a higher diploma degree within Digital commerce from Hyper Island, Sweden.


    From 2020 he received admission to the experimental art institution, Prosjektskolen, in Oslo. He has been performing in a number of places including Aros museum of contemporary art, Aarhus, Roskilde Festival and Sonár music, creativity and technology festival, Reykjavik.


    Which team and when did you graduate??

    Team20 and I graduated in 2016.


    What have you been doing since you graduated as a Kaospilot?

    After graduating I moved to Oslo to start work as a project manager. I had a new learning experience of navigating the role as a more traditional project leader, which turned out to be nothing like the Kaospilot experience. After a couple of years of general confusion I pulled the plug on my full time job and moved to Berlin to start my journey as an independent artist.

    My life at the moment: I Work part time as an artist in residence at a software company in Oslo. The company is called Iterate, and apart from producing art for their office spaces I help with interior design. The rest of the time I produce art to my heart’s content. In february 2021 I became a featured artist with the art institution Oslo Collective. Some of my work is available as NFTs – digital art created on the blockchain. If you are interested in checking it out there will be a link at the end of this interview.

    What is important for you in your job?

    Skillset I consider important to my job:

    • Personal leadership
    • Being able to set my own goals and structure multiple projects at once
    • Social skills

    As a visual artist, I work alone most of the time. It is a tough process and it is easy to get stuck. So knowing myself well enough to set realistic timeframes and goals is crucial. Networking and communication is even more important to open the right doors and get your work out there, if you want people to recognise your art.


    What major learnings would you point out from your experience that have shaped you as a leader??

    Saying “no” is saying “yes” to something else.


    What is your biggest source for inspiration right now?

    At the moment I am obsessed with this German magazine: PAGE, A magazine on design, art and technology. I pretty much suck at German, but the articles and the language barrier motivates me.


    What would be an example of a learning or an experience from your time at Kaospilot that has been important to you?

    I have a very concrete example: The appreciative enquiry worksheet from Bliss Browne, handed to me during a course in 2014. It is basically about asking great questions. Which I consider an art of its own. Throughout my creative career I have returned to these 16 pages more times than I can count. It is like having a superpower.

    What is a piece of advice that you would like to give future Kaospilot graduates?

    I try to not offer too much advice. I think everyone needs to be captain of their own journey. … Maybe that was actually an advice when I come to think of it. Okay, here is some general advices: Try to look at whatever happens to you, as something that needs to happen in your life, for it to be perfect.

    Much Love, you will do great <3

    IG: https://www.instagram.com/intuition_lab/
    Art Shop: https://shop.collectiveoslo.com/collections/rasmus-stride

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